Our Plan

There has been lot of talk from our current Government about the benefits of localism- that it is a good thing that decisions should be taken at the most local level possible.

There has been much talk, but, unfortunately, very little action, as increasingly intrusive and comprehensive decisions, that directly affect us all, continue to be made remotely in London, Brussels or even further afield.

And often, these decisions seem to have the effect of curtailing our most basic freedoms- the freedom to do, say or even think as we wish.

If we wait for power to be passed down from above, we are likely to wait for a very long time because it is not in the nature of politicians and bureaucracies voluntarily to cede or devolve power.

So if we seriously want to regain control over our lives, the only way to do so is to grasp for ourselves the levers of power, and that means a new, locally based, grass roots political movement.

The people of Wirral need to put Wirral First.

Our plan for the future is in two stages.

Firstly, local citizens will stand for election to Wirral Borough Council as independent candidates, but on a Wirral First platform. That platform is a proposal to massively reduce the size of the present Council and outsource almost all of its current functions.

By following this policy, unnecessary spending would be greatly reduced, as would Council Tax. This is in line with other recent local government proposals around the country.

In the future, if we can achieve a majority of councillors in Wirral, we would then propose to petition central government to hold a referendum on whether Wirral should have autonomy from the UK. The principle has already been conceded that, if the majority of Scots want to run their own affairs, they can do so and we would expect the UK government to allow the same rights of self- determination to the citizens of Wirral.

Indeed, although we are physically attached to the rest of the United Kingdom, Wirral is no less geographically distinct than, say, the Isle of Man, which has been allowed self government as a UK protectorate.

The kind of Wirral we would like to see is sketched out in the policy pages on this site (and you can help to form these policies) but suffice to say that, if our second objective could be achieved, there is absolutely no doubt that the Wirral peninsula would be the most prosperous place on the planet.