As you can see from the drop down list, there is a lot of policy to be formed in deciding how an autonomous Wirral would operate.

And you can help to form these policies.

Please post your views on any policy topic on the site and we can have an open debate on the subject. Where there is a clear divergence of view among supporters we will hold an internet ballot and the winning view will be incorporated into policy.

But the people who formed this movement have values that are founded in a belief in community and personal responsibility.

We have clear views that we would like to see Wirral free from the dead hand of bureaucratic control and its citizens free from the oppression of authoritarian government.

We want very low taxation and a simple, but effective, welfare system for the needy. We believe in common laws based on non-aggression, property rights and social liberalism.

If you believe in the same things, please get involved.