Wirral First Calls For Public Inquiry

We have today called for Eric Pickles, the Minister of State for Communities and Local Government to launch a Public Inquiry into the conduct and governance of Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council.

This follows the handling of the criminal conspiracy at the Department of Adult Social Services outlined in the Anna Klonowski report and the appalling revelations by the Audit Commission relating to the acquisition of the Cheshire Lines building and the £8m outsourced highways contract.

The recent scandals only confirm what many people have known for some time- that Wirral Borough Council is not fit for purpose. We have a cabal of mendacious councillors aligned with a group of venal and self-serving officials and the result is atrophy for the citizens of Wirral.

Last week, we advised all our prospective candidates to boycott the upcoming elections in protest at the continuing incompetence as we believe this Council is now too deeply flawed to be reformed from within.

Instead, we have today launched an E Petition to Central Government calling for the Council to be dissolved and we would ask you to sign it.


16 responses to “Wirral First Calls For Public Inquiry

  1. Anthony Zausmer

    I can’t find the link to the e-petition…….

  2. Hi Anthony

    Should be working, please try again.

    Otherwise http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/32504


  3. It’s a great shame you have decided not to stand candidates.

  4. As it is, we can be more effective at the moment out with the Council than inside it. We do not want our movement associated with, or contaminated by what is currently going on there.

    Please publicise our E Petition.

  5. Is there a reason you have not publicised the names of the people behind your movement?

  6. Editorial Team

    Hi Bob

    No. We have a number of ex PPC’s and councillors behind the project but we do not want to publicise “names”. This is a grassroots movement and we want it to stay that way.

    What could you contribute?

  7. I’m sorry, without a public face your integrity is questionable. You are asking for donations, surely it is reasonable to ask who that money is going to?

  8. Josie yates, but, thank you, anonymity requested initially.

    Quite frankly, I am disappointed. Seems like you have `chickened` out, but perhaps you did not have enough candidates to place.
    I agree with Bob Buchanan, your public need to know who you are and then maybe, your donations will roll in. Security in knowing who the funds are going to….you could be collecting for a terrorist organisation. How do we know you are not? What are ex PPC`s and who are the ex councillors?
    Sorry to say this, but seems like you are hiding something.
    Go Public and please at least print an address.

  9. Your lack of reply speaks volumes. Give the money back that you may have received. You have no foundation.

  10. Josie/Bob

    Sorry you seem to have suspicions about our motives. Any money donated will be put to good use in furthering the objectives of Wirral First and we can assure you we are not a terrorist organisation. Some of our supporters prefer to keep the nature of their support private at the moment and we are happy to accede to their wishes.

    We will ensure you are invited to our next meeting and hope that will allay your fears.

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  12. Supporters wanting anonimity is fine but not the organisation itself. You are allied to the Libertarian Party it seems, who have been lambasted for financial irregularity and yet you are inviting people to donate money to an unknown entity.
    Come clean about who you are, otherwise you are obtaining money by deception.

    • Bob. It is worth noting that the people that formed Wirral First, Malcom and Ken, are the very same people that did the lambasting of the party you mention.

      Perhaps “Editorial Team” it is worth setting yourselves up with individual accounts to start with, and perhaps forming a corporate entity and publishing some accounts as is normal for companies?

  13. And no response Simon. How much money has been donated? What has it been used for? Money donated on the back of a media release and half arsed wordpress website. This needs police investigation. Where’s Ken?

  14. Bob. You are clearly shit-stiring and I am not on your side.

  15. Bob Buchanan

    Simon, I’m not shit stirring as you nicely put it. I am also not a part of any other political group so have no vested interest one way or another.
    I just initially thought it was strange that there was a degree of anonymity about this group and concerned that, with the Paypal donate link on every page any monies donated were not accountable.
    A fair time has passed for the ‘editorial team’ to reply, that only heightens concerns of where the monies have gone to that may have been donated by the people of The Wirral in good faith.
    If I am asked to give over my hard earned cash it is reasonable to ask;
    Who is it going to?
    What will it be used for?
    What is the accountability of the recipient?
    There have been no answers to any of the above so whilst I would not be donating I have concerns for other people who may have donated.
    It’s not shit stirring (not the most anti oppressive term for a Libertarian to use), it’s called public spirit.
    As I said, maybe the police need to do the stirring.

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