Monthly Archives: April 2012

Wirral First Calls For Public Inquiry

We have today called for Eric Pickles, the Minister of State for Communities and Local Government to launch a Public Inquiry into the conduct and governance of Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council.

This follows the handling of the criminal conspiracy at the Department of Adult Social Services outlined in the Anna Klonowski report and the appalling revelations by the Audit Commission relating to the acquisition of the Cheshire Lines building and the £8m outsourced highways contract.

The recent scandals only confirm what many people have known for some time- that Wirral Borough Council is not fit for purpose. We have a cabal of mendacious councillors aligned with a group of venal and self-serving officials and the result is atrophy for the citizens of Wirral.

Last week, we advised all our prospective candidates to boycott the upcoming elections in protest at the continuing incompetence as we believe this Council is now too deeply flawed to be reformed from within.

Instead, we have today launched an E Petition to Central Government calling for the Council to be dissolved and we would ask you to sign it.