Election Strategy

It cannot be stressed enough that Wirral First is NOT a political party, but an organic grass roots movement formed to try to free us from the appalling rule we suffer from both Wallasey and Westminster. It is not a “top down”, but a “bottom up” organisation where we expect citizens to be prepared to take charge of their own lives.

This is mirrored in our election strategy so, rather than appoint candidates to fight elections on your behalf, we want YOU to stand for office on your own account to represent the interests of your own community.

In the past, before the process was hijacked by the party machines, there was a fine tradition of independent councillors in local government and it is this element of remote centralised control that has led to the incompetence and corruption that we now endure in Wirral

So what do we suggest you do?

We want citizens to stand for election, in the wards in which they live, on an Independent-Wirral First platform. To do this, you need to download the Nomination forms, fill them in and deliver them to the returning officer in Wallasey by 12.00 noon on 4th April, 2012. You will need to garner the initial support of 10 voters in the ward.

Clearly, there is not much time to be wasted so the first thing to do is to send us an email at info@wirralfirst.org and we will check there is no other Wirral First candidate planning to stand. We will then coordinate whatever help you might need- getting the necessary signatures, appointing an election agent, and canvassing in your locality.

If, for whatever reason, you are not prepared to stand but would like to assist in the election effort please register your interest by email.

This is an opportunity for us to begin to take back control of our lives. If we choose not to make a stand now we should not, in the future, attach blame to our oppressors but to ourselves.


2 responses to “Election Strategy

  1. There is 3 independent candidates satnding in may, are any of them standing as part of Wirral First?

  2. No they are not. Our position is outlined in the post where we call for a public enquiry into WBC. But please vote for any independent candidates who are far preferable to the party drones that oppress us.

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