Press Release

WIRRAL FIRST, a new political movement based in Wirral, will contest a number of seats in the forthcoming Council elections in May, 2012. A number of ex-councillors, former parliamentary candidates and others will stand as independent candidates under the Wirral First manifesto, which is as follows.

  • A directly elected executive Mayor for Wirral
  • Abolition of the cabinet. Cabinet responsibilities to be taken by the Mayor.
  • Reduction of Councillor numbers from 66 to 22
  • Change from a ‘can do’ to a ‘will enable’ Council. Every service will be examined to see whether it can be provided by somebody other than the Council.
  • An immediate 3% cut in Council Tax in accordance with taxpayer wishes in the recent consultation.

Councillors supported by Wirral First promise that they will not draw any expenses or vote for any Council Tax increase during their term of office.

Further information can be obtained by emailing and from the website at


14 responses to “Press Release

  1. Josie yates, but, thank you, anonymity requested initially.

    I would like to believe this is a serious venture. There is a need for change from the the Party Politics of the current incumbent, whose leadership has failed the electorate time and again.
    As I have not heard of you before today`s letter in the Wirral News and before I decide to offer any support, can you please expand on who you are and how many seats you expect to contest, hopefully, one in Bebington.

  2. Editorial Team

    Hi Josie

    Actually Bebington is not currently on the list- but it could be!!!!

    All that is required to stand is a form filled in with ten signatures from local residents.


  3. Josie yates, but, thank you, anonymity requested initially.

    Thank you for the invitation, but no thanks
    Does that mean you do not even have enough candidates to cover all of Wirral?
    If you propose to win seats (quite possibly in view of current voter apathy) I feel a better plan would be to have candidates in place before you issued the Press release. I wish you good luck and look forward to seeing a First Wirral candidate in every ward. That will prove the test,.You might also like to involve the Wirral Globe, quite a few disgruntled Wirral residents subscribe to the current political `goings on`on the `comments pages`.
    Best wishes

  4. The lack of names behind the organisation is disturbing. As is the donate by Paypal link to what is, at the moment quite sketchy information and motives.
    If it was April Fools Day I would dismiss the Echo report out of hand. As it’s not, I would suggest you need to be more transparent about your set up and people. This isn’t Steve Foulkes is it??

  5. Editorial Team

    Hi Bob

    Can guarantee that Steve Foulkes is not part of our movement!!!!

  6. Rogobegort Egolligos

    Seems to me that there are a lot of confused people making a reply. So what would call me Dave think of a Wirral totally separeted from the rest of the country. Is this new political organisation composed of failed conservatives and Libdems?

  7. It is understandable, and a good thing, for people to be sceptical about a new movement, but consider the situation.

    Wirral Council is a failed organisation that mistreats the people it is supposed to serve while wasting hundreds of millions of pounds of taxpayers money every year. National Government is presiding over economic failure with no idea of how to get out of it and increasingly meddling in the private lives of citizens.

    Very few people object to the self governing status of the Isle of Man or the Channel Isles. The Wirral peninsula is a geographically distinct area with a proud history from its time as the Wirral Hundred. Economically we have the potential to be as successful as small countries like Singapore, Lichtenstein, Monaco and others.

    Government has become more and more remote and wasteful for many decades. There has been a reaction to this in the pressure for devolution to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, but this has not yet been matched with a return of real powers to local communities in England.

    Wirral First is not a political party and does not seek any sort of revolutionary upheaval. We are simply saying that the state must stop taking our money and trying to run our lives as though we were children. Over time we require the burdens on local taxpayers and enterprise to be removed so that there will be employment for everybody who needs it and the demand to keep our towns and villages flourishing.

    With the ability to run its own affairs, Wirral will reject the smothering bureaucracy that holds us back. We can have safe, clean streets, full employment and thriving workplaces. Switzerland runs very successfully with political power devolved to Cantons that are smaller than Wirral. Small really is beautiful. Self managing communities are the future and all empires eventually collapse. The time of the Westminster empire is coming to an end.

  8. So could we see a Wirral football team trying to qualify for the World Cup in Future under yours plans? Hope so!

  9. Not sure about that, but it would be nice to see Tranmere Rovers get proper commercial sponsorship rather than be given a hand out from local tax payers.

  10. I support in principle what you are trying to do but I would be strongly opposed at cutting taxes at the expense of health and education.
    Reunification of the 2 halves of the peninsula would be a good thing and I hope the candidate Councillors would also support the concept of a University for Wirral.
    As far as Tranmere is concerned they are a great champion for us and I for one am very proud that they carry the logo of Wirral (rather than that of a brewery!) on their shirts.

  11. Wirral would be an ideal place to attract a new university. The University of Buckingham has shown for about 40 years how high standards of education can be provided by independent educational bodies and it would be wonderful for Wirral to become a centre of excellence in learning.

    We have good sport on the Wirral and there is no reason why there should not be more and better. Although many people follow football there are others who have different interests. Football clubs are privately owned, commercial organisations, but we are all taxpayers. It is very wrong for wealthy owners of football clubs (or any other sporting organisation) to be subsidised by taxpayers who may be very poor or who have no regard for football. Remember that everybody who buys something with VAT on it is a taxpayer and two thirds of Wirral Council income comes from central government.

    The biggest part of tax goes on welfare benefits, not health or education. Essential services need to be provided on a local, human scale rather than by remote bureaucracies riddled with waste.

  12. Dear Malcolm
    If you look into them more closely you will find that Tranmere do a tremendous amount of work with the local community and rightfully carry the name of Wirral on their shirts. Although the football team wasnt around then, its name derives from the last time that Wirral was a self-governing autonomous state with its own Assembly at Thingwall so we should treat the club with a high degree of reverence.
    Why should a movement for a degree of Independence or “Principality” status for Wirral have to be linked with libertarianism? The SNP does not have this. Surely it should encompass a range of views put on the table for democratic debate?. The Scandinavian countries are excellent examples where high and efficient taxation works, leading to a fair and caring Society.

  13. Yes Steve, Tranmere Rovers do good community work, but that does not alter the fact that they are a privately owned organisation which ought not to be financed by taxpayers as a whole. A great many businesses, including sporting ones, work with the community. It is in the interest of the organisation as well as the community that they build respect, support and custom by this activity. It should not result in them becoming partially state funded.

    The name of the club comes from the area of Wirral which was named by the Scandinavians who occupied this peninsula in the 10th Century. It is true that there was a government based here, but what we aspire to now is autonomy without having to undergo a Viking invasion.

    I have no time for princes and certainly do not want a principality. You are right, of course, that there is no reason why an autonomous Wirral would be libertarian any more than an independent Scotland would be socialist although the SNP is a socialist party.

    If we were governing ourselves Wirralians would have the whole range of political attitudes that they do now. I am a Libertarian so I would advocate a political environment which would give citizens freedom from punitive taxation and with the prosperity that is suppressed by intrusive government, but those with other ideas might want something different.

    It is all about freedom. As a Wirral resident I am forced to contribute to Tranmere Rovers through my Council Tax. In my view that is an immoral imposition. The club would be more entitled to take pride in representing Wirral at football if it was able to show that it was entirely self supporting as a result of the high esteem in which it is held.

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