Monthly Archives: February 2012

Press Release

WIRRAL FIRST, a new political movement based in Wirral, will contest a number of seats in the forthcoming Council elections in May, 2012. A number of ex-councillors, former parliamentary candidates and others will stand as independent candidates under the Wirral First manifesto, which is as follows.

  • A directly elected executive Mayor for Wirral
  • Abolition of the cabinet. Cabinet responsibilities to be taken by the Mayor.
  • Reduction of Councillor numbers from 66 to 22
  • Change from a ‘can do’ to a ‘will enable’ Council. Every service will be examined to see whether it can be provided by somebody other than the Council.
  • An immediate 3% cut in Council Tax in accordance with taxpayer wishes in the recent consultation.

Councillors supported by Wirral First promise that they will not draw any expenses or vote for any Council Tax increase during their term of office.

Further information can be obtained by emailing and from the website at