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Steering Group Meeting

It is proposed to hold the initial meeting of a Wirral First steering group in the next couple of weeks.

At this meeting, we expect to discuss and develop initial policy and begin to make arrangements for the official launch of the movement later in the year and the council elections next May.

Anyone interested in joining the project at this exciting early stage and becoming part of the steering group should send an email to and should include some brief personal details.

Why not get involved and help us begin to put Wirral First!!!!



A very warm welcome to the website of the Wirral First movement.

We hope you enjoy your visit and leave stimulated by the possibilities we outline for Wirral.

If, after reading our policies, you are as excited as we are about the tremendous opportunity to transform Wirral into a thriving, prosperous forward looking region where we can all live free from the shackles of excessive taxation and bureaucratic oppression, we would welcome your support.

Please click the Donation button to help us financially or complete the Support Us form and we will contact you to explain what you can do to help.

A Vision For Wirral

What do these places have in common?

Andorra 86,000, Isle of Man 83,000, American Samoa 68,000, Dominica 68,000, Bermuda 64,566, Guernsey 62,274, Northern Mariana Islands 61,000, Greenland 56,452, Cayman Islands 54,878, Marshall Islands 54,305, Saint Kitts and Nevis 52,000, Faroe Islands 48,585, Turks and Caicos Islands 40,357, Sint Maarten 37,429, Liechtenstein 36,157, Monaco 35,000, San Marino 31,887, Gibraltar 29,000, British Virgin Islands 28,213, Cook Islands 23,400, Palau 20,000, Anguilla 15,236, Nauru 10,000, Tuvalu 10,000, Montserrat 6,000, Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha 4,000, Falkland Islands 3,000, Niue 1,500, Tokelau 1,100, Vatican City 500, Pitcairn Islands

In case you haven’t got it, they are all small places that are self governing. The Wirral is a very distinct geographical area and with a population four times as great as that of the Isle of Man. It is more than capable of looking after its own affairs in the interests of Wirralians.

In a globalised world, it is not as significant as it once might have been to talk about independence, but we do seek complete autonomy to manage the political, economic and legal requirements of our peninsula. We do not want a seat at the United Nations, Membership of the EU or any of the conventional trappings of state hood. We would have no more need of border controls or military forces than the Isle of Man or the channel Islands and yet our natural assets would ensure a quality of life and distinct identity as good as anywhere in the world.

An autonomous Wirral would emulate the business success of Singapore and its freeport, the financial environment of Monaco and the tourist appeal of Andorra. A low tax, business friendly Wirral would attract world class golf, sailing, cultural and artistic events to rival any others. Lifting the burden of UK bureaucracy will result in the economic development of the east of Wirral bringing prosperity to an area that has suffered decades of deprivation.

No personal taxes will be levied in Wirral. All costs required for administering the peninsula will be raised by sales taxes.

Each Wirral town, village or district may elect a self funding community council if it so chooses and it will decide its own method of election. The community council will be able to make decisions on any matter not proscribed by the legislature.

Wirral laws will comprise the common law and bill of rights of England that has been our historical inheritance. UK statutes will not be incorporated. The Wirral legislature shall comprise one vote from each community council. Each community council will appoint a legislator who will represent them at meetings of the legislature when they are required. The legislature will appoint a clerk to conduct business and maintain records.

In all cases the presumption shall be that decision will be made at the lowest level possible. Whatever is not prohibited is permitted.

Devolution to the constituent administrations within the UK has only been achieved after decades of campaigning and it is still very far from being complete. It will take time to win acceptance for Wirral autonomy. In the meantime we will build support for a Wirral First movement through which we will seek to increase prosperity in the peninsula by eliminating public waste and bureaucracy as far as possible. We will campaign for large reductions in Council tax by contracting out all WMBC activities which need to be carried out and the discontinuation of those which are not essential. To achieve more efficient and accountable government of the Wirral we will support the direct election of an executive mayor to replace the costly and cumbersome WMBC.